Can you print my logo and how much does it cost?

Yes, we can print logos onto all of our products, we can also design and make logos. The majority of our printing is conducted from our factory in Mannum. We would require you to email us a high resolution file to print from and can accept most file formats. It generally costs $20 to print a logo to a Work Mat and $50 for a Pit Mat.

Do you post your products Australia wide?

Yes, we have products being posted and freighted every day covering every state and territory of Australia.

Can I use a jack on a Tough-As Pit Mat?

Yes you can. Our Pit Mats are made from a premium grade 900 gsm PVC and won't be damaged by using a trolley jack. Please by aware that for safety reasons jacks should only be used on a solid flat surface.

Will the Tough-As Work Mat protect me from Bindi Eye and other sharp objects?

The triple layer construction of the Tough-As Work Mat will provide great protection from Bindi Eye and a range of other sharp objects such as stones and paddock stubble. The outer layers of PVC are puncture resistant and the closed cell foam padding will spread the force away from your body making your job as comfortable as possible.

I’ve been told a Tough-As Work Mat replaces the need for a Garage Creeper, is that true?

That is correct, the Tough-As Work Mat has a special acrylic coating that not only makes it stain and chemical resistant but also allows the body to easily slide across the surface. The big advantage of this is that you are lower to the ground, can always find your tools and parts, and can easily manoeuvre in any direction on all surfaces including sand, dirt and mud. Try doing that on a Garage Creeper.

Are Tough-As Products waterproof?

Yes, nearly every Tough-As Product is made from premium quality PVC and constructed using specialised welding methods that ensures a strong and watertight seal. This makes our products extremely strong and waterproof.

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