WORK MATS Tough, Padded, Versatile Free Delivery

CAMPING MATS Soft, Strong, Durable Free Delivery

PIT MATS Portable, Clean, Safe Free Delivery

IBC COVERS UV & Weather Resistant Free Delivery

GARAGE MATS Strong, Practical, Attractive Free Delivery

Tough-As Products for Tough-As Work

Tough-As Products designs, manufactures and distributes its own range of strong, durable and comfortable products from its base in South Australia.

Its ever growing range includes the Tough-As Work Mat, Pit Mat Pro, Garage Mat and IBC Cover. All products are designed  without compromise and made in Australia to exacting standards using state of the art machinery. To earn the right to carry the Tough-As name we thoroughly test every product before it is released to ensure that it is truly "Tough-As". 

As Tough-As we are (LOL) we also have a softer side, and believe that every customer is special (no matter how much they spend) and strive to meet and where possible exceed your expectations.

So if you are considering any of our products we pledge to provide you with the best value product possible with old fashioned customer service and wrought iron guarantees.

For first time visitors - WELCOME - and please accept our introductory gift of $10 that you can use in our online store - just enter "welcome" at checkout to receive.

Remember if it isn't Tough-As – it probably isn’t Tough-As!!

Tough-As Products for Tough-As Work (and play!).

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